Episode 125 - Roach In Butt

September 15, 2014

Kenny gets a bug in his butt, and gets in trouble from Kara for being excited about Smash Bros. Ashley calls in and is more interested in Ink Masters than world problems.

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Episode 124 - So Tired

September 9, 2014

Use your imagination, it is probably better than anything I could write. Kara is sneeze crazy.

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Episode 123 - As Simple As Doe Re Mi

September 2, 2014

Kenny awoke from his nap and posted the show. This Week! Kenny tells people to give up, and lays down the law in a weekly test of Kara's morality.

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Episode 122 - Cat Toys Are Also Whips

August 25, 2014

Kenny tries to inform Kara about the hacking news this week and fails horribly, so instead he decides to yell about white people and Diablo 3. Kara gets tempted to go to Culvers, and once again questions her relationship by whipping Kenny with cat toys.

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Episode 121 - Hold My Nose Candy

August 18, 2014

Kara and Kenny return from their trip to the Dells and tell tales about water, and deers. Kenny is mad about the youth olympics, and Kara helps a listener with some tough life decisions.

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Episode 120 - Family Ties

August 10, 2014

Kenny and Ashley start things off by discussing air. Kara gets a makeover before the Cheese Cake Factory. Also her Dad and brother make a cameo appearance, and Kenny takes this opportunity to rant about how Kara wanted to toss a bottle of wine.

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Episode 119 - I Need A Refill

August 3, 2014

This week of LaaL is packed to the gullet with stuff. Kenny embarrasses Kara at a Culvers, Ashley explains how weight can fluctuate, and somehow they all decide it is time to hunt themselves a Big Foot.

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Episode 118 - Turtle Abuse

July 25, 2014

Kenny puts Kara's morality to test this week has he tells her a story of a robbery and a turtle. Derrick H is intrigued by cheating and "cat-callng", and Kenny is told he knows nothing about Halo....which is probably true.

Thanks to those who showed up live, and wrote in! Remember you can always reach us at: letsaskalady@gmail.com
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Episode 117 - For John

July 20, 2014

Kara and Kenny discuss a number of very serious topics this week. Is Big Foot real? What makes a good house? Why does Gamestop have to be so terrible? What is with R. Kelly and these Blank Panties? Only LaaL has the answers. Raise your sword skyward warriors!

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Episode 116 - The One With Stuff

July 15, 2014

On a brisk and cool Tuesday morning, a man sits at his computer writing a description for a stinky podcast episode he forgot to post the day before. Only to his surprise he also forgot what happened in it....there was engineering question of the week, some lady troubles when a young lady prefers the ladies, and Giant Days.

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