Lets Ask A Lady 103 - CatCast

April 14, 2014

Kara and Kenny now have a cat. Ashley loses her mind at the new kitten while Kenny plots to rid himself of the beast. 

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Lets Ask A LAdy 102 - Pick A Spoon

April 7, 2014

Kenny is fascinated by Ashley's co-worker named Collin who tells everyone what life is like as a comedian. Kenny insults everyone after having one beer and Kara stuffs spicy mustard down his throat as a way to make his cease life. Collin learns that Kenny is a monster as he tells listeners how to handle their women problems. 

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Lets Ask A LAdy 101 - Butt-hole Scarf

March 31, 2014

Ashley returns to LaaL studios to help Kenny come up with a porno magic show. Kara is sick and makes a pizza, she then almost dies on the couch. The chat-room makes Kenny watch a video about fish, and Ashley's financial knowledge is tested.

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Lets Ask A Lady 100 - Wet Swamp

March 24, 2014

Episode 100 is here! Kenny's sister Rachel stopped by to help fill Ashley's shoes and proves she can yell and ramble about nothingness almost as well as Kenny. Kara gets offended when she learns of the largest train ever, Rachel gets scared of the listeners (I love you), and Kenny is mad about the idea of owning a cat.

Thanks everyone who has listened to the show! You guys are the best and I truly consider you all my friends. Smooches.
LaaL is not stopping anytime soon, you hear me god! And we hope to keep hearing from old and new people in the future.
The next meet-up is starting to be thought about! Kenny is lazy and Kara wants ideas, so if you have a location (bar...or children's park) you think would be awesome let us know, and we will try to finalize all the deets as soon as possible.
Much love to Super-Fan Nate, KrazeeEyes, LoLfish, DeathToTomorrow, Keninuchii (pardon my spelling....NiNoKuni), Redertainment,Frictionless Fiction, and all you other super fans (swampers) that make us smile every week. Until next week, survive.
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Lets Ask A Lady 99

March 17, 2014

Kara and Kenny kick off spring break with an audio snick snack called LaaL. Kenny is mad because he cannot be a sunflower in the vidda game Titanfall, and helps a listener with his emo girl problems. Kara uses logic to analyze cuckold porn and goes crazy with excitement when she learns about what is to come in the Bachelor.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in, always good to hear from you. If you wanna ask the ladies a question shoot it over to letsaskalady@gmail.com.
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Lets Ask A Lady 98

March 10, 2014

Listener questions are answered crazy this week. Ashley is on time and Kara is amazed. Kenny has to set up a make-shift studio after his computer melted into a quesadilla.

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Lets Ask A Lady 97

March 3, 2014

Ashley returns this week with Kenny's cigarettes which scares Kara. Tons of listener questions are answered this week as we learn about long distance relationships, if cooking is attractive, and what classes are musts for getting some fresh college strange. 

Thanks everyone who wrote in, and we hope to hear from everyone again in the future! You fans are the best.
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Lets Ask A Lady 96

February 24, 2014

Kenny gets tipsy this week and debates if his brain is broken when he thinks about when he ran the mile. Kara's animal knowledge is tested by LoLfish, and we learn where lemurs are from. Tons of emails this week so thanks to y'all! .... That is my Aussie typin for DeathToTomorrow as we tell him how to cool down in the hot sun. A listener writes in to talk about licking a woman in a club and Kenny realizes he is an old man.

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Lets Ask A Lady 95

February 17, 2014

Madness! Kenny and Kara abandon a romantic Valentine's Day to record a podcast with you wonderful listeners. Kenny wages war on a purple shirt kid and discusses the conditions for a Norwegian prisoner. Kara does her best to ignore the show so she can fitbit, and learns why she hates the term "to nut". Also Super Fan Nate wrote in and proves once again he is a true real man.

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Lets Ask A Lady 94

February 10, 2014

Ashley stops by with some cookies and a small cheeze burg...and frets about being alone on Valentine's Day. Kenny explains his new shirt idea, and has a rap battle with Kara, who defends herself for picking gum up off the ground.

Something happened in chat during this show where clones of people were popping up....which lead to the brains of each host to explode....Inception ain't got shit on the chat-room.

Thanks to all who wrote in! Remember to tell a friend about the show and hope to see you all again next week.
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