In My Eyes!

February 25, 2015

Kara helps Kenny put his eye drops in which leads to the show melting down. Listeners prove they are more cute than the the two hosts and Kenny wishes for someone to hold him.

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Episode 147 - Southern Dad

February 19, 2015

Kenny pitches his new TV show idea to Kara, and in return she reads the lovely listener emails. In the end, there is Vikings, Dentist, Amiibo, and cornbread cast.

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Episode 146 - Wake Them Sheep

February 10, 2015

Kara's got 3 million coins and Kenny captured a platypus. 

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Episode 145 - No Bueno

February 4, 2015

Kenny and Kara discuss their lives and futures this week, and somehow manage to answer listener emails. Cats go crazy on that nip, music is explored, and Kenny gets scolded for clipping his nails. 

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Episode 144 - Get A Wipe!

January 27, 2015

This week, Kenny tells about his experiences with goats, Kara cleans a cat after a poo explosion, and only together they make another episode of LaaL.

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Episode 143 - Two For One

January 21, 2015

Two Episodes in one this week! First Kara and Kenny sit down to discuss GPS navigation, sashes, and forgetting cat poop. Then in the second part Ashley, and LoLfish are in studio and everyone screams over each other and Kenny doesn't remember a thing that happened...though he is told by Kara he upsets her.

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Episode 142 - Remember the Wine, Skip the Snacks

January 14, 2015

Kenny and Kara have a mental mind battle of what a swing party between them, Ashley, and LoLfish would be like. We also learn about Kara's obsession with a certain mechanic.

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Episode 141 - Hunker Down

January 6, 2015

Kenny is joined this week by Kara and her brother who has deep discussions with Kenny over socks, birds, bushes and much more. Kara reads the top films of 2014 as determined by KrazeeEyez and Kenny tries to figure out what each one is.

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Episode 140 - Only The Freshest

December 27, 2014

Kara shares her hatred of left over food. Kenny doesn't like glitter or tinsel, and neither of them know how to plan a wedding. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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Episode 139 - Fill the Bowl

December 23, 2014

Ashley arrives to the studio with her friend and discuss living with IBS and the goals going to bars. Kara reads a ton of listener questions and Kenny complains about recommendation systems, 

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